Over the years, ITESAL has applied its experience in the extrusion of aluminium to the development of profiles for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Within ITESAL, we are committed to our clients in all of these sectors, giving added value to our products with advice on design, offering the possibility for extensive product development, and a customized service for the client and the highest quality at all times.

Automobiles and transport

The automobile, bus, lorry, agricultural machinery and car-body industries; the train and underground industries; the ship building and aerospace industries; these are all industries that require aluminium profiles with a wide spectrum of possibilities.


Especially in the field of clean energies, for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules, thermoelectric panels, as well as their structures and supports, different applications in wind energy, among others.

Electricity and electronics

Aluminium profiles have multiple uses: illumination, electrical appliances (inductors, ballasts, etc.), high and low-voltage installations, installation structures, heat dissipaters, etc.


Both the heating and the cooling industry incorporate our profiles. Standard examples are radiators, cold stores, heating systems and air conditioning systems, etc.


The most varied products within this broad sector incorporate aluminium profiles and their use in the development of new solutions is slowly increasing: Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Partitions, Banisters, Gardening, Camping, Storage Cabinets, Street Furniture, Signs, Tarpaulins and Tents, Industrial and Commercial Furniture, etc.

Sports Installations

The sports industry, both high level and basic, increasingly incorporates our aluminium profiles in its installations: doors, components for athletics tracks, fencing, wire guards, basket-ball rings, etc.


All the above-mentioned industrial sectors, along with many others, can make use of our standardized profiles, the catalogue for which is constantly being enlarged.

Other sectors: Railway, Solar Photovoltaic Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, Shipping, Electricity, Hospitals, Interior partitions, Signs.