ITESAL started its extrusion activities on 8 October 1992 with a 1600 TN extrusion press in an industrial building of 2,530 m2.


Construction of industrial premises of 2,160 m2. Commencement and start up of its own Carpentry Systems (CE-40 and PR-45), RPT assembly lines with FONT machinery, and opening of the warehouse for system profiles.


Purchase of a new 15,000 m2 lot, construction of 2 factories with a total surface area of 5,500 m2, installation of a horizontal lacquering plant.


Enlargement of the 2nd factory in the extrusion zone to 2,856 m2 and installation of a second extrusion press with a press force of 2,200 Tn.


Consolidation of the central warehouse organizing catalogued system profiles in the second plot for "lacquered" products.


Enlargement of 4,500 m2 in two premises on the second lot and start up of the first ALURO machine. Installation of a 2nd line of “Carousel” lacquering. Replacement of the first 1,600 Tn extrusion press by others with new 1,800 Tn press force technologies.


Purchase of a third lot with an area of 30,000 m2 in the industrial zone.


Construction of two industrial premises of 6,468 m2 and 6,068 m2 on the new lot, plus a 440 m2 first floor storey for installation of the headquarters and offices.


Purchase of the second ALURO line and installation in the new premises and removal of the 1st ALURO line. Development of wrapping lines and dispatch zone for client material.


Construction of three new premises with a surface area of 10,584 m2 for the installation of the "TREVISAN" vertical lacquering plant. Transfer of the central warehouse, Carousel lacquer production line and dispatch zone.


Installation of cold tunnel in the 2,200 press. Installation of an automated die warehouse management system. Improvements to the die heating systems.

At present, the greatest effort goes into the development and organization of new management and control systems, to achieve the highest quality in our products.
Reducing the cost and shortening the delivery time, keeping total client satisfaction in mind at all times.