Medio Ambiente

We aspire to achieve excellence in our environmental practice throughout the lifecycle of our activity.

Our priority in environmental matters is to reduce environmental impacts, orienting the actions towards the minimization of atmospheric emissions, the optimization of water consumption, a reduction in the pollutant load of waste products, proper waste management and improvements to spillage prevention and response systems.

In ITESAL, as part of our management system, we have an environmental policy. In our policy, we undertake to develop our activities, considering safety, personal health and environmental protection as essential values.

"If it can´t be measured, it can´t be controlled and if it can´t be controlled it can´t be managed". In accordance with this philosophy, we have generated specific and reliable indicators that allow us to measure our performance and by doing so, to improve environmental matters.

The Management of ITESAL S.L. established the following principles as the basis of its environmental management policy:

Compliance with legislation:

Itesal undertakes to comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as all those specifications that the organization considers pertinent.

Pollution Prevention:

Through planning, in which we take account of Environmental considerations in the development of our productive activity.

Continuous Improvement:

Through reviews of the Environmental objectives and goals to minimize the impacts generated as a consequence of productive activity and the consumption of resources.

Fostering communication:

Through ongoing training and the participation of all employees in the firm. This Environmental Policy will be reviewed.