To provide our clients, our shareholders, our employees and the society in which we participate with an important and durable economic advantage.


To supply aluminium profiles across Europe that our clients associate with safety, reliability and affordability, wishing to be a reference in their choice.


We constantly satisfy our clients:

We create a lasting relation of mutual benefit with the client and aim to be the seller of preference.

We are innovative:

We anticipate the needs of the client, new markets and applications, creating and developing new products and services.

We strive for excellence:

We provide total satisfaction for our clients on the basis of their own criteria and we complete the works properly from the outset and we always fulfil our promises.

We acknowledge our suppliers:

We will maintain and we will improve the relation with our suppliers, considering them to be innovators and collaborators at the same level; as well as sharing the important standards of ethical conduct and integrity.

We do it well:

We provide precise, economic, timely and high-quality information, and we will install the best system to achieve total client satisfaction.

We are constantly improving:

We will improve our products, services and processes, adopting and sharing our best practice and we will strive to achieve the lowest cost.

We work in a team:

We will give mutual support on an active basis and we work together to reach common goals at all levels.

We continuously develop people:

We will provide an open, competitive, gratifying and participative environment, maximizing opportunities for personal and professional development.

We share information:

We will communicate the goals, the direction and the achievements of the firm and we will encourage open and regular communication on all topics.

We support safety, the environment and the community:

We will promote healthy and safe working conditions, as well as the environmental and physical surroundings in which we work. We will collaborate with our neighbourhood community.

La consecución de estas prioridades estratégicas se resume en las siguientes METAS:

  • Increase client satisfaction.
  • Increase the quality of the product.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase worker satisfaction.
  • Reduce our costs.